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Our Process

Our Process

It starts with your vision, and we bring it to life

Initial Contact

Reach out to our team via phone or e-mail and tell us about your project. We would like to know how you plan to utilize your new garage and we’ll inquire about the details of your property. We will also ask for a copy of your current RPR – this allows us to determine the size of garage you are permitted to build by calculating your lot coverage, determining your setbacks, and confirming what bylaws are in place for zoning restrictions.

Site Review

Prior to our initial site visit, we will schedule a utility locate to mark out any underground utilities. This is required prior to garage planning to ensure there are no gas lines located under the proposed garage location. Following this, we will complete a site visit. This will allow us to assess the property and identify any possible challenges/complications associated with your garage build. During this visit, we will look at the grade of the landscape, determine distance to gas and electrical meters, as well as look for any obstacles that need to be removed such as fences or existing structures. We can also match exterior finishes to the existing dwelling to ensure these products are accurately accounted for in the initial estimate.

Provide an Estimate

Using information gathered during our initial contact and site visit, we will then prepare an estimate based on your requirements while staying within the perimeters of bylaw. Included in the estimate will be optional upgrade costs based on our discussions. These options would include items such as insulation, interior finishing, heating, cabinets and solar.

Final Review

After the initial estimate is reviewed, we can make any necessary revisions and include any selected optional upgrades for final pricing. Once you have agreed to the proposal, our team will begin designing and engineering your project.

Permits & Procurement

Before the building begins, we will have all materials ordered, pull any required permits, and schedule your project for construction. A construction date will be provided based on material lead times and team availability. We will also communicate expectations during the building process so you can plan accordingly.

Site Preparation

We will complete a site inspection, establish site rules, and protect your home from potential damage. Required framing materials will be delivered to the project site.


Our crew of skilled trades will begin construction. Your Level Up project manager will be available to answer questions throughout the construction process. Upon project completion, our team will complete a thorough walk-through with you, city inspections will take place, and a thorough cleaning will be completed.


Inspections will be completed by local authorities for framing, electrical, and gas. Following inspections, permits will be closed and documentation will be provided to you for your records. A final walkthrough will be completed by your Level Up project manager to ensure optimal quality was achieved.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a market leader providing long-lasting value to our customers and unmatched customizability and service. Our mission is to build your dream garage and for you to tell your friends, so we can build their dream garage too.


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